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My show information is constantly being updated on The FaCalendar page. To get further information on a specific show, please click on the show location.

If you want to compare designs before you purchase a FaCuff you can click the PURCHASE the button and The FaCuff will be added to your cart. There you can see which FaCuff you like best, and remove any unwanted items by clicking on the REMOVE button.

Fine art, Flexible art, Fashionable art, Fabulous art, Functional art and Fun art... 
...are some few thoughts that come to mind.

FaPaint is my own formula of acrylic polymer emulsions composed. The FaCuff is made entirely out of FaPaint. Whereas the Metal FaCuff is composed of two fundamental ingredients FaPaint on a copper core.

The FaCuff is a wristband composed entirely out of my own formula of polymers, I call FaPaint.

The FaCuff is a paint only cuff or wristband, that does best when worn all the time and in warm climates. The Metal FaCuff is The FaCuff on copper; in essence it is a fancier sturdier version of The FaCuff and consists of two main components copper and FaPaint. Some Metal Facuffs are also embellished with tiny marbles, precious and semi-precious stones, along with different types of gold and silver. The Metal FaCuff is not stretchable, however you can mold your cuff into any size and shape you like.

I apply the FaPaint onto a flat sheet of copper, create my designs, then forge the Metal FaCuff into (a cuff) shape.

No, I don't have a patent on my formula. I think it would be awesome if my art can inspire others. Plus, my polymer wouldn't exist without Golden Paints. There's art in everything, and there is enough for everyone. That being said, I have copyrights and registrations on images and words. Let's pretend there's a FaCuff® and an AvaAustinStudios© on each and every page... Sheesh

Your order will be sent out within seven BUSINESS DAYS.
You must place your order before 12:30 PM for that day to be considered part of the seven business days.
For example, if you place your order at 11:30 AM on Wednesday the 1st. Then your item will be shipped out by Thursday the 9th. If you place your order after 12:30 PM on the same day, your items will be shipped out by Friday the 10th. 

• You can request Express Over Night Delivery at $30.00 
• Your shipping option can be made before checkout.
• Please include any special shipping requests in the comments box when placing your order or email me.

Once The FaCuff page is downloaded you will be able to scroll over the image set to view a larger picture. Next click on the image, this will take you to a purchase page with larger (single) images of each FaCuff and prices.

No, a torn FaCuff is not repairable. You tore your FaCuff because you didn't follow the directions. You over stretched it and/or you didn't warm it up before you stretched it.


Each piece is hand-crafted and therefore intricate in design. Please use appropriate care to enjoy and preserve your Copper FaCuff. I recommend putting your jewelry on last, after you've applied, lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, and all other cosmetics. Do not wear your Copper FaCuff to bed while you sleep. Please avoid direct contact with salt water, excessive perspiration, and chemicals such as chlorine or sulfur. Submerging your Copper FaCuff to excessive water will cause the paint seal to delaminate or peel off. On the plus side you can always go deep sea diving with your all paint FaCuff.

All the FaCuffs are one-offs. This means they are one of a kind. You're buying exactly what you see, once a FaCuff is sold it's automatically taken off the site. 

Now here's a difficult question. "How long will my FaCuff last?" Well it all depends how well you take care of it and how closely you follow the directions. The longest I've seen someone continuously wear their FaCuff is 3 years. I find the FaCuff last longest when it's worn continuously, not taken on and off and stretched. 

All FaCuffs have a 6 month guarantee. If you rip you FaCuff with-in the first three months of purchase, I will replace it.
You will need to mail your FaCuff back to me along with the purchase receipt, $10 for shipping, packaging, handling and not following directions.  You can find my email address under "Contact Information" or click HERE to get the process started.