Happy FaCuff Owner

Hi Ava Austin:

I just wanted to tell you that my partner bought me a FaCuff wristband in June 2009 at the Union Street Fair in San Francisco. As a joke, i told him that i would wear this "paint" bracelet for a whole year. Well, guess what, I did. I was going to tell you in person at this years 2010 Union Street Fair last weekend, but I did not have a lot of time and was not able to locate you. So, when somebody's asking, do they really last if you don't mess with them too much, you can use my story.


Kenneth Newnum Happy FaCuff Owner


Hey There!

... And also wanted to say how obsessed I am with FaCuffs, and I still wear mine everyday. Going on two years now! Thank you for being such an incredible artist!

Andrew Babbitt